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Hardline Wins Global eBook Award!

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The Hardline Self Help Handbook by Paula Renaye has been named the WINNER of the Global eBook Award for Self Help!

Hardline has also won the National Indie Excellence Finalist Award and the Readers Favorite Finalist Award.

Be sure to take advantage of the FREE OFFER for a special audio recording from the book and report by Paula Renaye on the Hardline Self Help website. To order the book from amazon (Paperback or Kindle), click on the cover.


Diomo Books Signs New Author

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Diomo Books is pleased to announce the signing of horse trainer, riding instructor and animal intuitive, Tanya Buck.

Tanya is the author of  the groundbreaking new book– Happy Horse, Happy Me–that combines horse training and personal development. “It’s the same thing, really,” Tanya says. “I have a lot of clients who, for one reason or another, find themselves afraid of their horse. And it isn’t always beginners either. Things happen and all of a sudden they have a situation they don’t know how to deal with it–just like in life. And when we work on solutions to the horse problem, solutions to life problems show up as well.”

Tanya has a degree in Animal Science from University of California at Davis and is certified as an Equine Breeding Manager. She is a master clinician, horse show judge and is a 4-H certified. A holistic healer and certified Reiki Master and Teacher, Tanya is a gifted animal intuitive communicator and provides consultations and readings to clients around the world.
Tanya has been a horse trainer and riding instructor for over 30 years. She conducts hands-on empowerment workshops across the country and internationally, combining horsemanship and training with personal development. Her passion is helping people connect with their horses to create a happy partnership and heal themselves in the process.

For more information on Tanya’s services and workshops, visit her website at

Hardline Wins Awards!

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The Hardline Self Help Handbook continues to gather rave reviews by industry pros and has won two national book awards!

Winner of the Indie Excellence Finalist Award, Self Help-General
Winner of the Readers Favorite Finalist Award, Nonfiction-Motivational

Visit the website and sign up for free personal development tips and inspirational articles.

Enter the Contest to Win Free Stuff!

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To enter The Hardline Self Help Handbook Contest to win an iPod Shuffle, gift cards, books, coaching and more, follow the instructions here.

For those who have purchased the book, but haven’t claimed your BONUS gifts, email us now at with a copy of your receipt and you’ll get all of the items listed below. When the Book Tour comes to an end, so does this offer so get your FREE STUFF NOW!

  1. PDF downloadable and printable Companion Workbook–do the exercises in large format–contains additional material not found in the book.
  2. Modifiable Word document of the Vision Script from the Book
  3. Audio Recording of the Introduction to The Hardline Self Help Handbook to get you started. This version is professionally recorded by Texas TV and Radio Personality Anthony Henslee.
  4. Bonus Materialsfrom these professional coaches, inspirational authors and motivational speakers to inform, inspire and motivate!
    1. The Truth About Stress—How to Achieve Balance in Your Life by Linda Hampton RN, MSN (also one of our coaches!)
    2. 5 Steps to Higher Vibrations by Sherri Cortland, ND (Sherri’s also donated an autographed copy of her new release, Raising Our Vibrations for the New Age, as a contest prize!)
    3. The Human Factor—Who Really Holds the Keys to Business Success? By C.W. Miller (also one of our coaches!)

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Hello from Diomo Books!

It’s no secret that the book industry is in a redefining period and it’s left a lot of people wondering what to do. We can’t speak for anyone else, but here at Diomo Books we are thrilled at the opportunities the changes in book publishing has created.

In the old days–ten years ago–we had to physically truck, store, ship, deliver and otherwise handle the physical books. That was tough enough, but dealing with the merry-go-round of “order 200 books one week and return them the next” game from the big wholesalers such as Ingram was definitely not an effective system.

Now, we have print on demand (POD) and ebooks and it has made all the difference. It really has given us the push to get back in the game, and we have–in a big way!

Our latest title, The Hardline Self Help Handbook, has now won TWO NATIONAL BOOK AWARDS and is gathering wonderful reviews on sites around the world! To see what all the buzz is about, check out the Hardline Self Help Blog here.

We have more titles in the queue and we’ll be announcing them right here very soon!

If you are interested in pitching a title for the Hardline series, please email a short query with your idea, along with a brief writing sample pasted in (no attachments) to

We look forward to hearing from you!