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Coming soon to neighborhood and online bookstores!

The No-Nonsense Guide to Total Transformation

by Paula Renaye

Wishing your life were different doesn’t make it so. If you want to live a life that you truly love, it takes deliberate and soul-searching work to figure out what you really want, why you don’t already have it and what you’re honestly willing to do to get it.

Like a best friend dispensing more than a little tough love, Renaye wraps a sturdy arm around your shoulders, forces you to look in the mirror and says, “You can do this,” and with a simple, step-by-step process shows you how.

Using guided coaching sessions with self-insight techniques and workbook exercises, you’ll discover what’s been holding you back and how to turn those limitations into life-transforming choices. Practical, easy-to-remember strategies help you neutralize button pushers, release guilt and stay on track, even during those “deer in the headlights” moments, while tough-love reminders motivate and hold you accountable. Whether it’s relationship, career, health or other challenges, you’ll find the tools to stop tolerating what you need to change and start living the life you truly love.


Paula Renaye is a five-time award-winning author, certified professional coach and speaker. She is a frequent tough-love expert on talk radio shows and in print media, and her television appearances include BookTV. Visit her Tough Love BFF Coach blog at


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